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Wobblers Ride 16.08.17

This week’s ride includes lunch at the Bunya Mountains and will depart MacDonald’s as per usual at 0900.

From Toowoomba it’s off to Bell for smoko which for those who haven’t been there a pleasant stop with good food and friendly staff.

After smoko it’s planned to go to Kumbia for a fuel stop prior to heading up the mountains to the Bunyas.

This also is a good stop and a place to have a quick look around prior to heading down the mountain towards Peranga and then back to Toowoomba.

The weather will be fine and a comfortable 14°c overnight warming up to a maximum of 28°c. Up in the Bunyas the maximum will be a bit higher but still comfortable. In this sort of weather yer old bones won’t seize up so best get out and about while this brilliant run of riding weather continues.

All up the total K’s for the day will be approximately 370k so the ride will return to Toowoomba mid-afternoon.

Two new riders turned up to join the group last week but there is room for more.

Cya all Wednesday with Ken Krimmer as ride leader.

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